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What is Student Organizer?

Student Organizer helps you to organize your life as a student and get better grades. You can edit your classes, your schedule, homework, study time, and other events so that you'll never miss a deadline. Maintain status of assignments, test scores, class standing, and instructor information. You can keep all your notes and even add drawings and diagrams. Student Organizer lets you set reminders and create recurring events, like that quiz you have every Wednesday. An amazing product, if you’re a student you NEED Student Organizer!

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Here's how Student Organizer can help you succeed in school,

Benefits of using homework organizer and planner software:

You will be able to use your time more efficiently by planning your homework and study schedule. By scheduling sufficient study time for each class you can ensure enough time to absorb the necessary information and you will complete assignments on time.

By setting reminders for upcoming events such as assignment or project due dates and tests you will ensure that you will not forget them and you are prepared.

By tracking assignment status and due dates, you can avoid any late or missing assignments. In Student Organizer, assignment due dates are added to the calendar automatically. You can also add other events such as tests, exams and meetings to the calendar to ensure you do not forget about them.

By recording your scores for each assignment and test you can keep track of your standing in each class. The program can work with both weighted and non-weighted grades and will automatically calculate your current grade for the class as each score is entered.

Benefits of using lecture recording and note taking software:

By recording lectures alongside your written notes you will ensure that you do not miss any important information.

You can flesh out your notes more fully later on if the teacher moves too fast in class or is difficult to understand.

You will find it is easier to participate in class when you don't have to take written notes at the same time. Simply record the class and add the written notes later.

You will be able to use you study time more efficiently by keeping your notes organized and searchable. You can search lecture, study and research notes for any word or phrase, even notes from previous semesters.

The Research Notes section will keep your sources, citations and bibliography information together and organized. citations can be grouped by topic and sub-topic. This will save time when putting a research paper together.

Benefits of using flashcard software:

Flashcards help you use your study time more efficiently and memorize information faster. Just flipping through a few flash cards when you have a few idle minutes such as while eating lunch can have an impact on your retention.

Here are a few of the features of Student Organizer:

  1. Calendar keeps track of your entire schedule. Classes, assignment due dates and study times are added automatically.
  2. Track assignment progress and due dates. Never forget an assignment again.
  3. Track your scores and standing in each class. Works with both weighted and non-weighted grades and each class can use its own grade scale.
  4. Integrated recorder lets you record lectures and take written notes at the same time. *
  5. Keeps lecture, study and research notes organized and searchable.
  6. Set reminders for assignment due dates, tests or any other type of event, both recurring and non-recurring.
  7. Schedule study time for each class so you have sufficient time to complete assignments and are better prepared for tests.
  8. Glossary organizer stores and organizes glossaries. Glossaries can be combined, merged and you can even create quizzes and flashcards from your glossaries.
  9. Degree tracker keeps track of one or more degrees. Track degree and non-degree credits and grades on a year by year basis.
  10. Scholarship and loan tracker keeps track of the scholarship application submission progress and award status. Also keeps information on loans and lending institutions.
  11. Flashcards help make your study time more productive.
  12. Includes conversion and programmable formula calculators.
  13. Also stores instructors, textbooks and grade scales.
  14. Saves money. You will not need to buy separate programs for homework and grade tracking, note taking, lecture recoding and flash cards.
  15. Only $29.95.

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Bulk and site licenses are available for Schools, Colleges and Universities to distribute to their students.

10% of all MoonGlow Software sales are donated to Food For The Poor.

You can download the software and try it free for 30 days. Only $29.95 to buy.

All licenses include free updates for life.

Student Organizer is designed for laptop and notebook computers with a screen resolution of 1366x768 or greater. Use on a portable computer is recommended so the program can be used in a class, library, study group, etc.

* Note: For recording lectures, you will also need a condenser microphone.

Version History.

System Requirements:

Works on PC's running Windows 8, 7, Vista, (32 and 64 bit),
and Windows XP SP3.

Available hard drive space: 30 Mb,
2 Gb RAM.

Recommended screen size: 15.6".

Recommended screen resolution: 1366x768,
Minimum screen resolution: 1024x768.

Recommended processor speed: 2.70 GHz,
Minimum processor speed: 2.00 GHz.

100% CLEAN award granted by Softpedia.

100% CLEAN award granted by Softpedia

Student Organizer has passed the
Promaxum Seal of Quality review.

Promaxum Seal of Quality Review

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