Bulk and Site Licenses for Student Organizer

Bulk and Site licenses are available for Schools, Colleges and Universities to distribute to their students.

Site license, single license key:

You will receive one license key with the school name and an E-mail address embedded into it which can be installed on the appropriate number of computers. The license will not be hardware locked or have any other restrictions on installation. It will be the responsibility of the school to control disbursement and installation of the license.

Bulk licenses, multiple license keys:

You will receive the appropriate number of individual license keys to distribute to your students with the school name and an E-mail address embedded into them. These licenses will be hardware locked to prevent license key sharing. However, each license can be installed on up to three computers.

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Student Organizer
Pricing for Bulk and Site Licenses
Number of Licenses Total Price Price Per License
25 $375.00 $15.00 ea.
50 $600.00 $12.00 ea.
100 $1000.00 $10.00 ea.
250 $1750.00 $7.00 ea.
500 $3000.00 $6.00 ea.
1000 $5000.00 $5.00 ea.

Bulk and site license prices are one-time charges. Licenses do not need to be renewed each year. Once a license is given to a student they may use it for their entire academic career. The school will only need to purchase new licenses at the beginning of each school year to distribute to the incoming freshmen.

Bulk and site licenses have the same free updates for life as any other license.

Add the Finance Manager program:

To add an equal number of licenses for the Finance Manager program, please add 25% to the above prices.

The Finance Manager licenses will be the same bulk or site licenses ordered for the Student Organizer program and will work the same way.

Bulk and site licenses are intended for schools, universities, educational institutions and organizations who wish to give or sell them to their enrolled students.

Bulk and site licenses cannot be given or resold to the general public or anyone outside of your school or institution / organization.

To order a bulk or site license, or for more information, please contact us..

Please do not order a bulk or site license through the regular purchase page as bulk pricing would not be applied.

We gladly accept purchase orders.