Note Recorder

Note taking and voice/audio recorder software.

Write and record notes quickly and easily!

Note Recorder allows you to keep written notes and record the event at the same time.

Perfect for meetings lectures, and interviews.

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Note Recorder Version History

v1.7 - 28 Aug, 2014

  • When recording lectures you now have a choice in audio inputs. You can select either "Microphone" or "Speaker Audio". "Speaker Audio" is used for situations where the audio you wish to record is coming from the computer, such as when taking a class on-line.
  • You can now add a new category while creating a note rather than having to create it ahead of time on the options form.
  • In previous versions when you deleted a category, all notes for that category were deleted automatically. You now also have the option of moving the notes to another category.

v1.6 - 20 Aug, 2014

  • This update fixes a few small bugs and improves the search function.

v1.5 - 18 Nov, 2013

  • This update adds the ability to export the audio from your recorded notes and save them to another device such as an mp3 player or smart phone.
  • Also fixes a small bug concerning the database restore function.

v1.4 - 2 Oct, 2013

  • Previous versions of Note Recorder did not allow you to append a recording after the recording was stopped. This update corrects that limitation. You can now record to any note at any time and the new recording will be appended onto the original one.

v1.3 - 28 Jan, 2013

  • On first run, the program will now create the database backup folder and setup automatic backups.
  • Added a few small improvements to the backup/restore code.

v1.2 - 11 Dec, 2012

  • Fixed a few minor bugs.

v1.1 - 25 Sep, 2012

  • Database backup no longer overwrites previous backup. Creates a new file appended with the current date and time.

v1.0 - 9 July, 2012

  • Initial release.