Finance Manager

Personal money management system.

Finance Manager is a user-friendly application that enables you to take full control of your financial situation.

Keep track of bank and credit card accounts, income, expenses and your budget in one easy to use application.

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Finance Manager Version History

v1.8 - 18 Nov, 2013

  • This update fixes a bug which would occasionally cause the column width to not be set properly when the program was opened.
  • Also fixes a small bug concerning the database restore function.

v1.7 - 28 Oct, 2013

  • This update fixes a bug which caused the column order and size to not be properly retained when the program was closed and reopened.

v1.6 - 14 Oct, 2013

  • You can now add new categories on-the-fly when making entries, and you have the option of adding the new category to the categories list.
  • You can now change the font size on the data grids.
  • You can now re-order and re-size the columns on the data grids.

v1.5 - 28 Jan, 2013

  • On first run, the program will now create the database backup folder and setup automatic backups.
  • Added a few small improvements to the backup/restore code.

v1.4 - 14 Jan, 2013

  • Important Update - This update fixes a bug that could, under certain circumstances, cause the program to calculate a checking account balance incorrectly.

v1.3 - 17 Dec, 2012

  • Fixed a few minor bugs.

v1.2 - 25 Sep, 2012

  • Database backup no longer overwrites previous backup. Creates a new file appended with the current date and time.

v1.1 - 22 May, 2012

  • Added option to turn off automatic check for updates.

v1.0 - 1 May, 2012

  • Initial release.